Brittney is a grade nine English Language Arts teacher (the horror) with a broad background in the arts and humanities as well as the sciences. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts from MacEwan University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. Her areas of specialty are English, Psychology, Biology, and General Sciences. 
She is a strong advocate for the use of technology and pop culture in the classroom and developing twenty-first century literacies. She enjoys introducing children to "the good stuff" --  sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. She has a specific interest in the ways teenagers are represented (or misrepresented) in modern media and literature and the interplay and necessity of  limnal spaces and maturation (which is just a really snobbish way of saying she likes young adult fiction). 
She has a bad habit of overusing the m-dash and blurting out random intertextualities and likes to add words like limnal and intertextualities into spell-check dictionaries. 
You can't make her pick favorites -- or maybe you can -- favorites are under construction. 


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