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Five More Zombie Clichés

Zombie stories are so popular at this point that clichés have become an inevitability. Not all clichés are bad, of course. Some of them are killer (pun intended). Here are five more of the best and worst zombie clichés according to yours truly.

Worst: But First, Let Me Take a Shower.

The entire world has descended into madness and all the luxuries of civilized society, like Starbucks and Urban Barn (NOOOO), have all but disappeared. Amazingly, even without running water (and Starbucks), Sally Survivor has managed to keep-up her hygiene routine, including shaving her armpits/legs/nipples and brushing and curling her surprisingly grease-free hair
This isn't realistic. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but after one day without a shower or running water of some kind, my personal hygiene plummets faster than an English student’s employability after graduation. I'm disgusting; humans are disgusting. We leak stinky, moist organic material from every orifice of our body ALL DAY LONG.…

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